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Member Database Software: A Short Guide

Members are the foundation of an association. Without them, there is no reason for the association to exist. Every association needs an organized and comprehensive system for tracking their members. The wide variety of software and programs currently on the market can make this decision-making process confusing and lengthy. To optimize the search for membership database software, here are some basic database overviews and search tips.

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Written by: Anne Lacher, Office Manager and Member Specialist
Date: 01/01/2018

Are You Speaking the Right Marketing Language?

Taking a Look at Info-Graphics

Working with associations, we should always be asking ourselves if we are maximizing our marketing efforts. One of the major issues for any marketing professional is getting engagement with your content. You can send information out to your audience, but if it isn’t reaching them in their preferred format it is like trying to speak to them in a foreign language. One great way to solve this problem – Using an info-graphic. This medium combines the visual and text based methods of communication.


Written by: Rachel Reich, Website Specialist
Date: 12/01/2017