Association Management Company (AMC) Accreditation is, at its most basic definition, a Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Industry provided by the Association Management Company Institute (AMCI). Achieving AMCI Accreditation demonstrates the very highest level of professionalism and accountability, as well as ensuring consistent quality service to association clients. It is a mark of excellence in the association management industry.

To become an accredited AMC, A.D.S. underwent an intensive evaluation of our internal operating procedures and our service delivery systems. By earning the designation ‘AMCI Accredited,’ A.D.S. has demonstrated a proven set of best practices in the following areas.

  • Client Contracts: Review Procedures and Requirements 
  • Servicing the Clients and Service Delivery Procedures 
  • Evaluation of Services
  • Financial Management and Internal Controls 
  • Insurance Coverage 
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection 
  • Employee Training and Professional Development Procedures 
  • Subcontracting and Purchasing Requirements 
  • Record Keeping Requirements/Continuity of Operations
  • Internal Audit Procedural Requirements

Each one of these areas is essential to an association’s continued success and development. As an accredited AMC, A.D.S. is committed to delivering high-quality expertise, resources, and services to manage your organization’s day-to-day operations and to advance your long-term goals.