Are You Speaking the Right Marketing Language?

Taking a Look at Info-Graphics

Working with associations, we should always be asking ourselves if we are maximizing our marketing efforts. One of the major issues for any marketing professional is getting engagement with your content. You can send information out to your audience, but if it isn’t reaching them in their preferred format it is like trying to speak to them in a foreign language. One great way to solve this problem – Using an info-graphic. This medium combines the visual and text based methods of communication.

It is no secret that visual content can be a powerful medium to get attention in a world where everyone is inundated with content at every moment of the day. Many studies have shown the inexorable trend towards visual digital content. Creating an info-graphic gets the attention grabbing effect of an image with the ability to express sometimes complicated ideas and data as a clear message using concise language content.

Other benefits to adding some infographics to your marketing materials include consistent branding throughout releases including logos and colors, easier analytics, link tracking, and improved SEO. I would recommend looking through your webpages and upcoming marketing plans and adding in a few info-graphics.

There are great free resources available to make your own and some paid resources if you need a more robust system. I have included a small list to get you started.

Info-Graphic Resources:

Let’s get started!

Written by: Rachel Reich, Website Specialist